How do you ship? When do you ship? What's your favorite type of ship?

  • Items ship via USPS once a week -- the day varies depending on my schedule. I promise it's coming! Buttons, stickers, and like-sized items are packed in bubble envelopes; bigger, more fragile items will be boxed. Tracking numbers will be provided upon request.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • The Big Cartel page uses Paypal. I will also accept beer as payment if we're ever at a bar at the same time for whatever reason.

Do you replace damaged items? 

  • Buttons, stickers, cards -- y'know, the cheap stuff -- if they're still in stock, they can be replaced. Limited run items -- such as enamel pins -- cannot be replaced, though they can be exchanged for items of equal or lesser value, or you can simply be refunded. Lastly, items that are lost in transit or stolen from your mailbox cannot be replaced.

How can I get in touch?

  • You can use the contact page here, find me on Facebook, or email me:

Who are you again?

  • A horror fanatic who wants to continue supporting the scene and spread the excitement it brings by sharing awesome things with like-minded maniacal fans!